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Introducing the Actiance Technology Partner Program

By actiance,   April 23, 2014

JimPetty[1]Today’s blog post is by Jim Petty, vice president of partnerships and corporate development at Actiance.

Being more collaborative inside and outside of your business is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity. Doing that requires the right mix of technology and a shift in company culture to be successful. But very often, there are corporate, regulatory, and legal requirements that you’ll have to meet before you can select and implement the solutions that help you get there.

Today I’m excited to share with you the new Actiance Technology Partner Program. The program allows our partners to extend the reach of their solutions into new markets and to provide joint solutions that address our customers’ business and regulatory compliance challenges.

The Actiance Technology Partner Program launching today expands our already successful relationships with partners like Cisco, EMC, IBM, Microsoft, Shoutlet, Spredfast and more, to include new partners Bazaarvoice, Exterro, HNW and PeopleLinx. These joint solutions are available today to help improve your engagement with your colleagues, prospects, and customers.

I’m confident that through our partners, and along with the broad experience and technology that only Actiance can provide, businesses everywhere can leverage this program to realize the benefits that better internal and external collaboration can bring.

For more information about the program, and to see a list of our partners and the joint solutions we provide, visit

An Open Letter to Smarsh Customers from Actiance

By actiance,   April 8, 2014

Actiance ArrowAn Open Letter to Smarsh Customers:

Actiance wants to make you aware of a recent change in its relationship with Smarsh, and how Actiance can help you improve how you archive social media, email, and all your other critical business communications.

Smarsh has been using Actiance Socialite to export social media to its archive since 2011. If you are a Smarsh social media archiving customer, Socialite has helped you meet archiving requirements for compliance, litigation preparedness, and corporate governance.

After April 30, 2014, Smarsh will no longer be using Socialite, making now an ideal time to evaluate how Actiance can continue to meet your needs. Actiance can help you reduce the time and cost required to archive and discover social media and other communications with its new cloud archiving solution, Alcatraz.

Unlike other archives, Alcatraz allows you to:

  • Archive and discover content with context, including edits and deletes
  • Have a single repository for your critical business communications, including email
  • Map each user’s social media accounts to their corporate directory identity
  • Review content as a full transcript, including snapshots of specific points in time

Through July 31, 2014, you can get social media archiving from Actiance for $5 per month, per user. With this solution, you’ll have an archive built not only for your social media and email archiving needs, but for all the networks your employees use to communicate.

With over 12 years’ experience providing comprehensive, scalable compliance solutions, Actiance understands the unique needs of every business, especially those in regulated industries like financial services. Actiance solutions are used by all 10 top American, all 10 top Canadian, and 8 of the 10 top European banks.

For more information about Socialite and Alcatraz, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact or visit

Thank you,
Actiance, Inc.

Actiance & LinkedIn: Working Together to Help Organizations Overcome Tough Compliance Challenges

By actiance,   February 11, 2014

Today’s post is by Actiance VP of Product Management, Scott Whitney. 

Scott WhitneyIt’s awesome to see what happens when two companies come together to deliver solutions for big customer problems. For several years, financial advisors and wealth managers looked at LinkedIn as a great way to help them grow their influence and relevance with clients. But a key problem has always been how to get participating advisors to create and use their LinkedIn member profiles when FINRA considers profile pages a form of advertising — just like an ad in the Wall Street Journal.

FINRA requires that profile content be reviewed and approved by a compliance team before it’s posted to the network. Without access to LinkedIn, how does a Financial Advisor create and publish an approved profile? What if the profile was already out there, say before the advisor joined the bank? How does the bank discover profile updates that happen over time?

These are some big challenges, and it took several design sessions with banks and the LinkedIn and Actiance product teams to develop a joint solution. This new solution leverages a bank’s existing content management capabilities, Actiance compliance policies, and a brand-new LinkedIn service that allows Actiance to publish and post profiles after they have run a through compliance workflow on behalf of the member.

The joint solution can also grab existing member profiles and route those back to the bank for FINRA review, as well as listen for profile updates that may happen over time. And now, when FINRA comes calling to review a member profile, the bank can easily rewind and replay a timeline of exactly what happened to that profile. It can see when a profile was created, when a section was updated, when a section got deleted, where these changes approved, and the last time the financial advisor member was informed about compliance protocols, etc.

This new service from LinkedIn is called the Profile Edit API and it’s now integrated with Actiance Socialite. The API is in beta with several banking customers, and they’ve already experienced some key benefits. These include elimination of several manual steps to manage the profile publishing process, and a more systematic review process that can be embedded easily into an existing content review process. It also provides a far easier mechanism to monitor and play back a member’s profile timeline when a regulator comes calling.

The API is early in its deployment, but we hope it will increase the number of profiles the bank can manage, allowing even more Financial Advisors to use LinkedIn to deliver value to their clients. .

About Scott: Scott brings more than 15 years of operations, product management, and software leadership experience in the enterprise and consumer markets to his VP of Product Management position at Actiance. In this role, Scott leverages his product management expertise to translate customer and partner challenges into product requirements that advance the Actiance governance solutions for social businesses. 

Why you need to know about social governance

By actiance,   January 17, 2014

Today’s blog post is by Doug Kaminski, VP, Western Region, Actiance. 

Over the past 20 years, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with thousands of legal professionals and seen first-hand that the stark reality faced by the profession is definitely not the cool, slick portrayal we see on television in ‘Suits’ or ‘The Good Wife’

If the normal workload of attorneys already induces a sharp pain across the temples and a load of stress, then the advent of the ‘social era’ pushes pressure points to their limit.

Social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, new communication channels like Lync and Jabber and collaboration tools like SharePoint and Jive, are becoming part of daily life in the workplace.

The challenge that these new channels of communication pose to attorneys is their dynamic nature.

When the employees in your firm are tweeting, blogging, endorsing, commenting and deleting comments left and right, 24 x 7, how do you keep up?

Dealing with the sheer volume of data is one thing, searching through it to find what you want when you are under time pressure to produce evidence in court is quite another.

The need to preserve these communications is highlighted in the increasing number of litigation cases that have called for their submission as evidence (one savvy blogger has calculated that in Nov 2013 alone, social media evidence played an instrumental role in 76 cases).

Before the situation gets any more stressful, let me invite you to join me at LegalTech 2014.

On Tuesday, Feb 4, at 1:30pm, I’ll be presenting an illuminating session on ‘Social Governance: From Cradle to Grave’, that will unravel the myths of eDiscovery for new communication channels.

See you there!


Actiance Plus Chatter

Take a look at what’s new: Vantage for Chatter

By actiance,   November 18, 2013

#TeamActiance has landed at Dreamforce 2013. In addition to being here to learn about the latest advances in social business and improving connections with customers, we’re excited to share that the event is also the coming out party for the latest addition to our platform – Vantage for Chatter!

Adoption of enterprise collaboration software, like Chatter, is on the rise. And why wouldn’t it be? Today’s consumers are social and collaborative in their personal and professional lives. While enterprise social software has finally matched the real-time pace of today’s communication habits, it poses unique challenges for IT and compliance stakeholders.

Vantage for Chatter addresses these challenges. And you, our loyal blog readers, and those who visit with us at Dreamforce, get a first look at the action. Vantage helps today’s companies drive social business initiatives by eliminating governance complexities, thereby smoothing the road to collaboration success. With Vantage for Chatter, organizations are able to:

  • Chatter Screenshot for Prezi 1 (2)Monitor Chatter content in real-time to mitigate the risk of potential data leaks or inappropriate content; this includes conversations that are edited or deleted
  • Be confident in their ability to capture and archive Chatter conversations, activities and files in order to meet virtually any governance requirement
  • chatter-blogBe prepared to efficiently search and retrieve Chatter content for legal and eDiscovery purposes

Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks! For those of you attending Dreamforce this week, please visit us at booth W236 in Moscone West to learn more. And if you can’t wait any longer, visit to learn more today.

Join Us at Dreamforce 2013

By actiance,   October 28, 2013


Join Us at Dreamforce 2013

Dreaming sweetly means closing deals fast, making customers happy, and having meaningful conversations. The best social businesses connect people and information fast to get those results, but they need to balance that goodness with exposure to risk so everyone can sleep soundly.

That’s why Actiance has spent the last 15 years making sure every business has the communication, collaboration, and social networking technologies it wants with all the compliance it requires. No matter how strict the policy and compliance requirements, Actiance makes sure nothing stands in the way of having the tools your business needs to be more successful.

We’re proud to announce that this year, we’ll be first-time exhibitors at Dreamforce 2013. is a market leader in keeping organizations connected with customers in whole new ways, so we’re thrilled to take part in an event that celebrates better collaboration through technology.

Please visit us in booth W236 where you can learn about exciting plans we have in our future, including the latest product developments for the Actiance Governance Platform.

We’ll have demos of Vantage and Socialite, the industry’s best solutions for capturing, monitoring, and archiving business content created using instant messaging, unified communications, and enterprise and public social networks.

In our latest release of Vantage that went live early this year, we expanded support for today’s most popular unified communication and enterprise social platforms, including those from IBM, Jive and Microsoft. Vantage now captures more content from more sources than ever before, enabling your employees to create and distribute content inside and outside of the organization with the confidence that your compliance requirements are being met.

Socialite, our solution for enabling regulated users on public social networks in a way that satisfies industry and statutory compliance requirements, continues to gain popularity across all industries. It offers easy to use engagement tools that increase the effectiveness of content, allowing your business to leverage the social connections of its employees to extend the reach of your brand. And now, these powerful features – including a library of pre-approved content, and a consolidated view of key social connections’ activities – can be integrated seamlessly and intuitively with your enterprise social and marketing content platforms.

From product knowledge to customer success stories, we’ll also have subject matter experts available to answer your questions about the benefits of deploying the Actiance Platform inside your organization. This is certainly an event that can’t be missed, and Actiance is thrilled at the chance to interact with our customers and colleagues at Dreamforce 2013.

Additional Information

The Real Deal on Getting Value From Social Media

By actiance,   September 25, 2013

Today’s blog post is by Doug Kaminski, VP, Western Region, Actiance. 

 One of questions that I’m always asked by our customers who operate in financial services is ‘What can I get from investing in social media?’

I could quote the statistics – the staggering audience of users currently using Twitter, that 8% of Americans share financial services products on social media, or even provide anecdotes on how people are expecting excellent customer service from their trusted brands to prove that the cost of doing nothing could be damaging to the brand and business.

But with FINRA introducing spot checks on social media communications, the 24/7 nature of social media, and the expectation from customers to deliver great service …  all this sounds like a lot of additional resources with no discernible value in sight!

My repartee: But what if we can turn all these negatives into positives?

Comply with FINRA, SEC, IIROC and other regulatory bodies – check.  Use social media to attract new customers to our services – check.   Keep existing customers happy with great customer service, delivered through Facebook, or Twitter, or whichever channel they want to communicate with us – check.

If it sounds like a dream, I can assure you that it’s not.   The technology is available today.

This Thursday, I’ll be joined by a group of seasoned professionals from financial services.  You can ask them about their experiences, good and bad, of getting shareholders, customers, employees, compliance and FINRA on board with social media.  And how they are measuring the value that social media is bringing their business.

My distinguished panel are:

  • Gregory Cheng, managing director, Western Regional
  • Matt Dunn, director, digital publishing and social strategies, Franklin Templeton Investments
  • Danny Miller, senior manager of public relations and communications, Esurance
  • Joel Nathanson, senior vice president and head of social media, Bank of the West

Join us at the Financial Services Social Business Leadership Forum on September 26, 2013 in San Francisco, hosted by the Business Development Institute.

P/S: Don’t miss my presentation on Getting True Value from Social Media at 10:35am, I’ll be sharing 5 easy actions your team can take on social media today to be successful.

The voice of the customer is growing louder.

By actiance,   September 11, 2013

Did you think that it is always the customer who is at the receiving end of cleverly devised communication strategies and costly services? Think again.

Recently we have seen some colourful examples of how regular consumers are exerting their power by taking on board tools invented for brands and corporations. One British consumer who got fed up with being pestered at home by cold callers simply set up his landline as a premium number, earning him money for every unsolicited call made to his house. Although this may in itself be a breach of regulations for premium rate numbers, the owner has generated hundreds of pounds in revenue over the last two years and it sends a strong message of “turned tables” when it comes to consumer engagement.

An even more interesting example of consumer power is the British Airways customer who bought a promoted tweet to highlight his disappointment with the level of support provided by the company. His tweet was posted in the wake of his father’s suitcase going missing and it read: “Don’t fly @BritishAirways. Their customer service is horrendous.” The tweet was captured by news sites and was viewed and shared by thousands of Twitter users worldwide within the first four hours. The company’s response came after another six hours, making a reference to the delayed reply being due to their Twitter feed’s “opening hours”.

(By the way – can we really use the phrase “opening hours” when it comes to Social Media? These channels are open 24/7 to the customer. Many corporations seem to want to squeeze the traditional concept of customer service into new formats and technology – which is bound to fail.)

As we have seen time and time again, brand success is rarely based on zero mistakes. It is however a company’s ability to respond and rectify any mistakes, leaving the customer with a feeling of having received due attention and care, that builds brand confidence and positivity. Because deep down, we all know that companies are run by people – and people make mistakes. But it’s how we deal with those slip-ups that matters.

As businesses, we need to wake up and smell the tweets. We have to realise that the consumer is a force to be reckoned with. We constantly witness examples of how people are successfully inflicting serious damage to brands, simply by sharing their opinions across the social media channels. We can no longer raise our eyebrows in surprise at the impact one single person can have when it comes to influencing the social community. The power is at the fingertips of the individual – and many companies struggle to keep up.

It’s not just about the social media strategy. It’s not even about customer service. It’s about adopting a culture where the customer is viewed as a powerful stakeholder and one who, if satisfied, will be a vocal evangelist for your brand. It’s about knowing who the kings and queens are in your deck of followers. It’s about understanding the dynamics of social communication and interacting in a meaningful and personal way.

Unbiased praise from an influential customer will generate more positive brand points than any advertising campaign. Customer reproach will however, if poorly managed, sink your brand ship.

Don’t fear the power of the consumer. Embrace it, manage it and make it work for you.

Lessons We Can Learn from the Youth PCC Twitter Meltdown in the UK

By actiance,   April 11, 2013

twitter meltdownIn this week’s UK news, we’ve seen some outrageous Twitter revelations and the subsequent resignation of the Kent Youth Police and Crime Commissioner, Paris Brown. The scenario raises a number of issues regarding how employers vet new staff, not only based on traditional CVs and references, but also considering their social media profiles.

The reality is that when a member of staff becomes exposed in the light of historic tweets or other online activities in public networks, it does cast a shadow on the individual – but ultimately it is the employer that is at fault for failing to properly assess and support the candidate.

There are three fundamental methods of ensuring your organisation does not suffer a painful media disclosure such as the one recently experienced by the Police Service.

1. Introduce social media review policies

Ensure that you have internal HR processes and tools for identifying and vetting new candidates across social media networks. A candidate may have a number of different public profiles using a variation of social media channels – all of which will help paint a complementary image of the personality, attitudes and moral standpoints of the person. As part of your employment strategy, the organisation should have a set of clear definitions in place which outline behaviour or attitudes which are not acceptable; be they online or offline. We have published two papers that will help you create the right policies: The Legal Issues of Social Media, UK edition and The Six Essential Principles for Social Media Success.

2. Have a contingency plan

When faced with inconsistencies or questionable public online activities, you may still decide to proceed with the employment based on the core skills and experience of the candidate. However, any uncovered issues need to be openly discussed as part of the employment process. There should be a clear understanding of how the employee is expected to behave as a representative of the business and you should make decisions on whether any unsuitable tweets, blogs or profiles should be deleted. By critically reviewing content you can pre-empt a media backlash at a later stage.

3. Enable future compliance

Guidelines for online behaviour are no longer an agenda item just for public service institutions. All organisations need to be aware of the risks of employees being active on public online networks, but also embrace the power of the “social employee”. Today more than ever, we have access to the communication platforms and knowledge to truly influence the world around us. Just as the decision behind recruiting the youth PCC was very much based on her ability to represent and speak to her peers, businesses must recognise that employees can impact the business environment through their presence within their social media circles – so they should be encouraged and supported to do so in a compliant fashion.

Ultimately, whilst anyone’s behaviour on social platforms is their own responsibility, it is beholden to the organisation to warrant that the author is educated, supported and managed to ensure that the reputational risk is minimised. As the Romans would have said – Caveo Utor (Employer beware!)


Social Media Risk Mitigation? Just Do It!

By actiance,   March 20, 2013

These days the number one risk associated with social media for business is doing nothing at all. The old excuses of not enough people use it for business, and all I ever see on social is pictures of kittens are over. In fact, today 7 out of 10 Financial Advisors using social networks for business; LinkedIn gives us the opportunity to form or join groups of like-minded customers and colleagues for discussions pertinent to our business, Facebook allows us to connect with colleagues on a personal and business level, and Twitter keeps us all connected and informed in real time. Social is here to stay. Recently Actiance Social Media Expert, Victor Gaxiola, stopped by the BrightTALK studios and filmed his thoughts on why you need to embrace social for a competitive edge.

Watch Victor Discuss Social Media Risk

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how social has given you a competitive edge, please leave a comment below.